Tuesday, November 19, 2019

What's Your Game Project

Here is what is happening with the project:




 1.           Met with Littleport Scouts on 21st and talked about setting up an event in Littleport.

 2.           Met with Sharon and her colleague from Ely Tumble Tots on 22nd who offered a FREE first session to anyone who handed over one of my business cards. 

 3.           Had a telephone conversation with Groundworks on 23rd about starting a grow it, cook it, share it project or sprucing up a public space within the community. 

 4.           On 29th I met with Marney and her colleague from Homestart.  We talked about trying to set up some kind of buggy walking group in Ely.  A couple of parents I have spoken to are keen on this idea so will look into this a bit more. 

 5.           Met with David from South Angle Farm on 31st (watched his science show beforehand), to see how we could work together.  David kindly agreed to provide some assistance, again to people providing evidence that they had met with me.




1.           Met with Mary from the Children's Centre on 19th and agreed to work together on a Fun Day in August.  We were also keen on sorting out a Paying Out date.

 2.           I contacted all the local Infant and Primary schools in Ely and Littleport on 17th to see if there is any interest in a Walking School Bus.  As yet I have had no responses.

 3.           I met with the Lighthouse Centre on 27th where I met with Giles who really liked the idea of the Playing Out scheme which we will look into at some point after September as we awaiting the 2 new post holders at the other places of worship in Chapel Street.  He was also very keen in setting up an Auto Project in Littleport and I have contacted the Gauntlet in Ramsey who are willing to meet with us.



 1.           I set up Littleport, Cambs Look for a Book on 1st.  This has really taken off, which is lovely.


2.           I set up Ely, Cambs Look for a Book on 1st.  The Ely one is a bit of a slow burner.

 3.           On 9th I spoke on the telephone with the lady who started the Friendly Bench.  This is where you purchase a specially made bench with planters either side.  The idea being that people stop and have a chat.  There is, however, a large financial implication but I did think that it may be something to get involved in.




1.           Children's Centre Fun Day will be on Wednesday 21st 10am till 12.30 at  the Children’s Centre in Ely. 


2.           Playing Out date for Littleport  This is planned for October Half Term at Peacocks Meadow.  I have arranged a meeting on 22nd at 2.30 at the Station Cafe in Littleport for members of the public to attend.  I have put posters in residents doors and posted about the event on various Littleport Facebook pages. 


3.           Mini junior running event in Ely   I met with Charlotte Sygmuta on 2nd who has two options at the Rugby Club.  Members of the public are keen to see this happen at Pocket Park.  I took a walk around the park the other day - I must admit I too am keen for it to happen here.  I also spoke to a Manager at Sainsburys about what we are trying to do as people will park in their car park.  Malcolm was happy for us to do the event as this should not impact on the store as they do not open till later on a Sunday.

 4.           Cycling for little ones.   Ely & District Cycling Club are willing to work with me, although we are still not sure what they mean by Safer Cycling.  I will look into the options which Cliff Loveday has sent through to me.

 5.           Time Credits I am now officially on the list as they say.   I wanted to join Time Credits as I felt this would give more of an incentive for young people to volunteer.

 6.           genteel buggy walk will meet with Nicola Ostler in September to see how I can set this up as there have been several people who would be interested in this.  I see this as a way to get people more active but also for them to feel less isolated.

 7.           I met with Elaine Griffin-Singh, our President, on 7th who gave me lots of information about Ely (as I am not local to the area), and who to contact about some of the schemes.

 8.           Community Organising training course.  The intro training took place but the other three had to be postponed.  These are re-arranged for 10th, 11th and 31st October.  If anyone wants to attend these FREE events please contact me.

 9.           Splash Pad in Ely.  This has suddenly taken off.  This was mentioned one of the Facebook pages as something that several members of the public would like to see in Ely.  I have arranged a public meeting on 28th at 2.30 in Daybreaks to see how we can work as a group to move this forward.


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